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Antique Market Fukiage is an antique shop in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture that boasts Japan’s largest lineup of items.
Here you can enjoy browsing through an entire building filled with a wide range of antiques, from furniture to accessories.
On the second and fourth floors are vast numbers of the antiques that exemplify Japan.
Please stop by to experience the history and culture of Japan, displayed from era to era.
On the seventh floor is our garden cafe, Le Jardin.
Please enjoy a relaxed time here for lunch, or during a break from shopping.

1F Floor

On the first floor, we have brought together items including furniture, light fixtures, and stained glass, primarily items from around 1900 from the United Kingdom, France, and Belgium.

We also have accessories available starting at reasonable prices. These include door gates and handles, which make great accents for homes or cafes. In our repair workshop, we can perform repairs and maintenance on any items you have purchased.


  • 骨董品
  • ポスト
  • Online Store

Items purchased here are serviced in our workshop.
We then deliver them to our customers.
We also do maintenance, so please feel free to contact us.
Our trio of craftspeople will provide careful service, including fixing cracks, fitting doors, and repairing items like handles and seat cushions.
No matter what the item, we will repair it with heartfelt consideration, so that you can use it as a part of your daily life.

2F/Junk Style

  • 家紋
  • 和家具1
  • 和家具2

On the second and fourth floors are curiosities, furniture, and miscellaneous items, primarily from Japan.
Items from throughout the ages are inherited with care, and serviced and preserved with skill.
By all means, please enjoy our selection of furniture from the golden ages of Japan.
These items cannot be made the same way today.


陶 Ceramics
Noritake -Meiji- ¥4,800
Uniquely Japanese ceramics, made entirely from clay.
Noritake is Japan’s leading china manufacturer.
These saucers and cups were made for the domestic market around 1933-1943.


Ranma (or transom panels) are made for the purpose of bringing ventilation or lighting to places such as the boundaries between rooms.
They are distinguished by their latticework and openwork.
After their beginnings as features of temples and shrines, they came to be used in ordinary homes as well.


組 Kumi
This is a technique for fastening pieces of wood together, entirely without the use of nails.(“kumi” in Japanese)
It has been passed down through countless generations, thanks to the passion of artisans.


These artistic objects combine the natural beauty and craftsmanship of Japan.
A plank (“ichimai-ita” in Japanese) taken from a single, large tree over 100 years old is engraved.
They were made with the idea in mind that the viewer will be looking up at them. They could be placed in the same position as a ranma panel.


寄 Wooden mosaics
These wooden mosaics are made by joining together pieces of various types of wood, without leaving any spaces.
The different colors are used to their full effect, creating patterns.
The origins of this traditional Japanese handicraft go back to the late Edo period (1603-1868).


戸 Kurado
Kurado doors have a commanding, dignified presence.
This is a fitting no Japanese-style building can do without, with a robust construction that can even withstand wind and rain.
We offer a variety of fittings, including thinner sliding doors for indoor use.


文 Fumizukue
A fuzukue is a desk for reading and writing.
Meant to be used while sitting in a tatami room, they are grounded in the Japanese practice of seiza, or sitting on the soles of one’s feet.
When not needed, they can be folded up and stored. They can also be made as big as you need them to be, by combining a few together.


相 Ai
Beautiful wood grain is added to hand-wrought iron fixtures, creating a distinctive finish.
These treasured, handmade cabinets have a beautiful combination of wood grains used on the surface, captivating the viewer.

Online Store

  • 陶器
  • 欄
  • 組
  • 一枚木
  • 寄
  • 建具
  • 文
  • 相


Japanese antiques, furniture, miscellaneous items, and more, from the Edo period up to the Showa era (1603-1925).


車箪笥 Kuruma-dansu
These storage chests have wooden wheels added to the bottom.
In the past, they were used to store large household goods. These are chests designed so that their owners could push and carry them away with just a small number of people in the event of a fire or other emergency.


漆 Urushi
This wooden lacquerware has been finished with urushi, a lacquer that is characteristic of Japan.
The size and shape of the finished items fit nicely in the hand.
We invite you to choose an antique as your first piece of lacquerware.


木Wooden items
Wooden gramophone horn ¥280,000
This made-in-Japan gramophone, with an original design, is thought to have been made between about 1912 and 1926.
These are very rare, as they were only produced for a short time.


時 timepieces
First appeared in 1900.
These items represent the roots of Seiko, the famous timepiece manufacturer.
This is a wall clock from K. Hattori (later Seikosha), a company founded in 1881.

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  • 車箪笥
  • 漆塗り
  • 蓄音機
  • 時計1


Western furniture made with pine wood, as well as kitchen goods, and Fire-King.
We offer items that can be used in the course of daily life, as well as items that are perfect for cafes and general stores.

Western furniture
Kitchen shelf
Church chair Fire-King

02 east Le Ciel

Lighting, lace fabric goods, silverware, accessories, and more.
Please enjoy our collection of rare antiques, passed down with care for over one hundred years.

  • accessory
  • 02 east Le Ciel
  • lamp
  • glass

Online Store

7F Floor Le Jardin

Our rooftop garden cafe, surrounded by the flora of the season.
Please enjoy a relaxing early afternoon, whether it’s for lunch, or for a break during shopping.
Cafe hours are 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
Lunch is 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM.

  • 紅茶
  • デザート
  • ピザ


Lunchtimes spent in a space surrounded by green.
We offer a menu that you can enjoy no matter when you visit, with popular pasta dishes, pizza, curry, and of course, the Chef’s Special of the Day.


Pasta dish with linguine cooked al dente. The fresh noodles are made from wheat from Aichi Prefecture.

●Amatrice-Style Pasta with Tomato Sauce, Homemade Bacon, and Pink Turnip
With drink and salad,¥880


The pizza dough used here creates a springy, Neapolitan-style crust.

With drink and salad,¥880


This is the Jardin signature curry, made with minced meat, a hit since the cafe’s opening.

●Jardin Special Keema Curry
(Add 100 yen for Large)
With drink and salad,¥880

Tea time

Refreshing early-morning moments, and elegant afternoons.
Please join us for a comfortable, relaxed time, just the way you like it, in the garden at Le Jardin.
Moments to treasure, whether it’s afternoon tea, or a glass of wine while the sun’s still out.


Set meals neatly arranged on a single plate for your enjoyment.
We recommend Fortnum & Mason black tea from the UK.
Fragrant, top-quality tea.
Please enjoy a luxurious afternoon.

  • ・Homemade Cake of the Day (your choice)
  • ・Scone of the Day
  • ・Fruit Compote with Vanilla Ice Cream
  • ・Drink


Our cakes are also all homemade.
In addition to our standard lineup of cakes, you can also enjoy cakes with fresh, seasonal fruit.


Cheese Platter ¥800
We also offer an a la carte menu.
Please enjoy a meal with wine.

Season drink

Caffe Mocha Orange
(Ice or Hot)
We offer seasonal beverages for your enjoyment.
Refreshing drinks in the summer; warming, comforting beverages in the winter.




Shop Name
Antique Market Fukiage
7-24 Chikusatori, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
Fukiage History Building
(entire building)
Business Hours
Just outside Exit 2 of Fukiage Station on the Sakura-dori Line, Nagoya Municipal Subway
Parking Lot
Before and after the shop building 10 cars.